This gives some slightly useful install information.

For general system installations:

If you're using Windows, you need to drag and drop the font file into the Fonts folder (normally C:\Windows\Fonts), alternatively, you can try using the font manager in the control panel.

Linux distributions may vary, but my Ubuntu install has a 'Font Viewer' application which has an install button, alternatively, there is a folder /usr/share/fonts/ - open it as root and paste the font file into there.
I also know there's a package available here for users whose distributions can handle that package type.

I'm clueless with Macs, I don't have one.

For website installations:

With CSS3 you can use this font live on websites (although IE viewers won't be able to see it), simply copy this CSS code:

@font-face { font-family: CelestiaRedux; src: url(''); }

And then use it like you would normally when setting font-family:

p { font-family: CelestiaRedux, ...web-safe-fonts-here..., serif; }

Alternatively, you can upload it to your own server and just replace the url with it's new location.

Phone/Other devices:

I've spotted a couple of sites carrying the font for various other devices, one of them is here I believe it's for iPhones.

I know some people have made versions designed for game engines and such, if you've made one, let me know so I can add it to the download page!

Vexel/High-res artists:

You might be better off using the actual vectors that are in the zip files, they shouldn't do weird things when scaling, I know some people have had issues on certain programs about scaling the font (I'm clueless as to why) so using the vectors should avoid the problems altogether (and gives you more flexibility in positioning).

Be warned: Because I'm lazy, all the vectors are Inkscape SVG's, although compatability shouldn't be an issue, it could be.

You want to do something else?


By now I should have uploaded the actual FontForge file, using that in combination with the vectors is how I made the font in the first place, so you're more then welcome to do whatever you feel like with them.

If you happen to know more about how FontForge works then I do, I'll happily host some font types other then just TrueType, send me a note with a link to the file and it'll go up on the downloads page!