A breif history of why this font exists.

(As I know it anyway)

There is a cartoon show called 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic', I happen to have fallen into it's unanticipated fanbase (the 'Bronies').

The show's logo contains text that uses a font called Generation B, as produced by Harold Lohner and it's available to purchase for $20 here.

Fans began to produce their own material (artwork/videos/websites/games/etc.) based upon the show and they thought it would be great if the text that appeared in their material could look like that in the show's logo.

As such, at some point in time, a replica image was produced and released onto an image board that contained more or less a trace of the text in the logo. This image was used by someone named Purple Tinker as a basis for the original Celestia Medium font.

Some people began to pick up on, and question the morality/legality behind working on a 'knock-off' of a commercial font, as a consequence work upon the original Celestia Medium stopped, as too did it's (regular) availability.

It was at this point I stepped in.

I managed to track down a copy of Celestia Medium, and decided I'd work it into a less legally questionable 'fanbased' form. From the original font file I exported each of the available glyphs as an SVG and reworked them in Inkscape (and also produced several new ones).

This allowed me to make the redux different from the original and also, hopefully, made it distinctive from Generation B.

I should also point out, that before I did start the redux, I asked Harold Lohner if he didn't want me to, he gave me the very clear line of 'please don't rework the Generation B files', which I can't.

Yes bob, it's me who made the font. :P

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